Scoville SUICIDE

Are you ready for a Scoville Suicide?! Dutch Chili Fest is known for its competitions. Courageous visitors can prove their mettle and and pepper resistance by taking part in Holland's Hottest Hamburger Challenge or the Hottest Pepper Challenge with visitors who take the same challenge, only this time with... peppers!

Spicy home chefs can show what they're made of during the Hot Sauce & Sambal Show Off, where signature sambals and hot sauces will be tested on flavour, color, texture, smell, hottness and looks by an expert jury. Winners have a chance at the Dutch Chili Fest Award.

Registerd participants hand in their sambal and/or hot sauce at Sunday September 8th between 12.00-14.00 at the info stand near the entrance. The winner will be announced at 17.30!

Register for Holland's Hottest Hamburger Challenge and Hot Sauce & Sambal Show Off before August 15th by e-mail: