In the coming years we are making Dutch Chili Fest future proof, which means that we are organizing the festival as sustainably as possible. Key priorities are waste, energy, transportation/logistics and of course food.

We see waste as a raw material, and therefore strive to be a waste-free festival. To this end we ask that all of our suppliers, caterers and vendors leave no waste behind, and thus to think carefully about which "raw materials" they bring with them to the festival. Visitors contribute as well by bringing their own reusable bag and any boxes they might need to safely carry their purchases.

We are working as much as possible with local parties, not only to minimize our transport mileage, but also to support our local scene. With Station Strijp-S within a one-minute walking distance it is more than easy to take the train to the festival. The NS (national rail service) now runs completely on green energy so that's nice and sustainable. If you live in the area, it's even easier: we're expecting good weather so just take your bike!

Dutch Chili Fest runs fully on AC power and a portion of that is generated by solar panels on the roof of the Klokgebouw. While we do our best to use as little energy as possible, we are not deriving what we do use from diesel power sources.

In order to reduce the "foodprint", much extra attention has been given to vegetarian and vegan food, we are asking our caterers to serve organic meat, and we are preventing food waste wherever possible. Without too much brouhaha, Dutch Chili Fest gives its visitors a taste of just how healthy and yummy sustainability can be.