Dutch Chili Fest is the only Dutch festival completely dedicated to the chili pepper. A versatile (vegetable-like) fruit that can set your mouth on fire and tear through you like an inferno, but can also sometimes taste unexpectedly sweet. This tribute to the hot pepper translates into a day filled with spicy food and a variety of entertainment. While professionals and amateurs alike offer their peppery products at the market, there will be competitions to determine who can handle the biggest portion of spiciness, plus cutting edge music and of course an extensive selection of culinary deliciousness.

Herald Coolbergen, founding father of Dutch Chili Fest, came up with the idea for a festival dedicated to the chili pepper while at a rock festival in 2012: “There were hot rods on display and hamburgers for sale. Hot sauce was really the missing element, I decided.” That formed the starting point for Dutch Chili Fest. In just three months the first edition was already a fact. “It soon became clear that many more people were working with chili peppers in their free time or in a professional capacity. I brought those people together.” After 5 successful editions, it was time to pass the torch to Leo Hoeksema, founder of Zwaardvis Music. With Dutch Chili Fest Leo combines his two greatest passions: music and (spicy) food!

Dutch Chili Fest is held in the Klokgebouw, the heart of industrial Strijp-S and a stones-throw away from the Strijp-S station.