Dear chili-fans,

Over the past year we've been working hard to organize the next edition of Dutch Chili Fest. We were hoping to offer a fully-fledged food and music festival, but unfortunately, due to problems regarding subsidies and partnerships, we are very sorry to announce there won't be a Dutch Chili fest on September 9th 2018.

We want Chili Fest to be an accessible event, open to all and free of charge. Without the necessary funding we won't be able to make it happen in September and we will come back with a new date in 2019.

The organisation is well aware of the fact that loyal chili fans, that meet up every year at the Dutch Chili Fest, will be disappointed. We'd like to thank all chili fans, music lovers, volunteers, partners, suppliers and everyone who cares for the festival for their support. See you in 2019!

Yet, there's also good news!

On Sunday 9 September 2018, a group of familiar festival faces will meet up at the Blue Collar Hotel. Everyone is invited to come and eat spicy burgers, to buy a nice pepper plant or seeds at Anchillique & friends, taste the Grim Reaper's super hot sauces, and enjoy a performance of Revel In Dimes.

Dutch Chili Fest-team